Standing Forward Full will play at...

Zumzeig Cine Co-op with Amy Halpern et al. - Barcelona - February 28th

Cosmic Rays - Chapel Hill - March 5th & 6th

First Look 2020 @ Museum of Moving Image - New York - March 11-15th

Light Field - San Francisco - March 15th

Onion City - Chicago - March 13th

Ann Arbor Film Festival - March 25th

Athens (Ohio) International Film & Video Festival - April 6th-12th

San Francisco International Film Festival - April 12th & 21st

European Media Arts Festival - Osnabrück - April 22nd

November 9, 2019 - ongoing - Gary Panter's Hippiebilly Headshop in Florence, Massachusetts at Rozz Tox Art via Feeding Tube Records. Curated by Byron Coley.

Standing Forward Full. 16mm, 5minutes 38seconds, 2020.

some Press

How To Keep Your Eye's Wide Open All the Time. Interview by Clint Enns for INCITE's Back and Forth.

episode 82 of The People - Alee Peoples & Cara Levine.

Max Goldberg's pics from the 2018 San Francisco International Film Festival featuring Decoy. Hidden Gems

For more excerpts please visit vimeo.com/aleepeoples