If You Can’t See My Mirrors, I Can’t See You is part of the West coast touring program Fire, Flood and Freeway put together by the Echo Park Film Center co-op. Making stops at...

08/11 - The Basic Premise Gallery - Ojai, CA
08/12 - Tiki-Ko - Bakersfield, CA
08/14 - Vallejo, CA
08/16 - Springfield, OR
08/17 - Astoria, OR
08/18 - Vancouver, BC
08/20 - Portland, OR
08/22 - Los Angeles
08/25 - San Diego

A full program of Mike Stoltz and I’s work will be playing at...

9/13 - Amsterdam at Filmhuis Cavia
9/14 - Rotterdam at WORM preceded by an artist talk
9/21 - Berlin at LaborBerlin
9/24 - Scotch Tape 16mm workshop at LaborBerlin

Decoy. 16mm, 10minutes 40seconds, 2017.

some Press

How To Keep Your Eye's Wide Open All the Time. Interview by Clint Enns for INCITE's Back and Forth.

Max Goldberg's pics from the 2018 San Francisco International Film Festival featuring Decoy. Hidden Gems

For more excerpts please visit vimeo.com/aleepeoples